Retractable Balcony Shades

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Retractable Solar Balcony Shades

Entertaining or relaxing on the balcony of your condo or apartment can be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. It can also be a nightmare sun trap, where glaring sun, heat and biting insects make your outdoor space virtually unusable. We manufacture motorized roll screens specifically designed for condominium and apartment balconies.

Our remote-controlled retractable roll screens for balconies eradicate sun glare, reflect the heat and stop biting insects from entering. When the weather is cooler and the bugs bug-off, simply retract the screen with the click of a button!

Balcony Shades for Pet and Child Safety

  • All condo/apartment balcony screens are manufactured to your custom measurements.
  • Along with sun and bug protection, our balcony screens provide a barrier to help keep pets and children from climbing over the railing.
  • Another benefit of having a retractable solar screen on your balcony is that it can reduce the effects of vertigo, allowing residents to enjoy an area they would typically avoid.