Retractable Awnings Dallas

Throughout the year, Dallas gets some intense sun and heat. High temperatures and harsh sunlight can make your outdoor spaces uncomfortable to use. Fortunately, retractable awnings allow Dallas residents to enjoy their patios, decks, and backyards despite the heat. Plus, you can easily retract your awning if you want to bask in the sun.

SPF Screens & Awnings provides retractable shade solutions customized for Dallas area homes. Our awnings feature sturdy construction and weather-resistant Sunbrella fabrics designed to withstand the Texas climate.

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Retractable Awnings Dallas

Dallas receives intense sun and heat during many months. High temperatures make outdoor spaces uncomfortable to use. However, retractable awnings allow Dallas residents to enjoy their patios, decks and backyards despite the heat.

SPF Screens & Awnings provides retractable shade solutions customized for Dallas area homes. Our awnings feature sturdy construction and weather-resistant Sunbrella fabrics designed to withstand the Texas climate.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings in Dallas

Installing a retractable awning provides many advantages for Dallas homeowners. At SPF Screens & Awnings, we offer a variety of durable, fade-resistant Sunbrella fabrics to complement any architectural style. Our awnings not only enhance aesthetics, but also deliver practical outdoor shade and shelter.

Create Shade

Spending time outside is much more enjoyable with protection from the intense Texas sun. Awnings allow you to fully enjoy your patio, porch, or deck, despite soaring temperatures. The cooling shade creates an oasis for lounging and entertaining that you can enjoy year-round.

Protect Your Furniture

Retractable awnings also safeguard outdoor furniture and decor from sun damage. By blocking harmful UV rays, our awnings prevent fading and deterioration. You'll extend the life of your patio furniture, cushions, and accents by keeping them in the shade.

Save on Utility Costs

Installing awnings on your home in Dallas can lead to significant savings on energy bills during hot summer months. Awnings provide cooling shade that can reduce temperatures indoors by blocking sunlight before it heats up your house. You’ll keep your home cooler while also reducing how much you have to spend to keep your AC running on full blast!

Our Streamlined Awning Process in Dallas

At SPF Screens & Awnings, we simplify the process of buying a retractable awning in Dallas. From initial contact to installation, we provide an exceptional experience.

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Our team will happily provide a free, custom quote for your Dallas home. We'll take measurements and review options to give you an accurate estimate of what a retractable awning might cost.

Pick Your Style and Color

With help from our designers, you can choose the perfect fabric, color, and features for your home. We believe your awning should be a thing of function and beauty, which is why we offer many Sunbrella fabrics to suit your unique style.

Your Awning Installation

On installation day, our skilled staff will handle everything so you can relax. No need to worry about any DIY projects or special equipment! Our customers are our priority: you'll work directly with our employees, not contractors.

Purchase with Peace of Mind

Your satisfaction matters most. We back our products with strong warranties, like 10 years on fabrics. We also offer an "apples to apples" price match guarantee so you know you're getting a great price for your awning!

Uses for Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings have many great uses for Dallas homes. They provide shade and protection from the sun's rays on patios, decks, and around pools. Retractable awnings also help regulate indoor temperatures by blocking sunlight and heat from entering through windows.

Awnings for Dallas Homes

Adding a retractable awning is a great way for Dallas homeowners to enhance their outdoor living areas. Awnings provide UV protection, keeping interiors cooler and reducing energy bills. Custom awnings come in many material and color choices to match any home's style. Awnings beautify homes while also providing practical sun protection.

Awnings for Patios in Dallas

Retractable patio awnings help Dallas homeowners utilize their outdoor patios year-round. Strategically placed, our awnings provide shade over seating areas, keeping patio spaces cooler during hot summer months.

Awnings for Decks on Dallas Homes

Deck awnings are perfect for protecting Dallas residents' outdoor living areas from the sun and heat. You’ll get plenty of shade over seating areas, making your deck perfect for relaxing or dining. Motorized awnings can open and close at the touch of a button, allowing flexibility if you want to enjoy the sun or stay cool in the shade.

Awnings for Pools in Dallas

Retractable awnings help prolong the swimming season by providing shade and cooling around Dallas pools. Strategically placed pool awnings allow sunlight during cooler months but provide shade over the pool or seating areas during summer.

Custom Awnings

Custom awnings allow Dallas homeowners to design their ideal outdoor shade solution. Customization options include size, shape, placement, valance, features, fabrics, and frames. Homeowners can match awnings to their home's existing look or make a unique design statement.

Residential Awnings

Thoughtfully-designed residential awnings increase homeowners' outdoor living space and offer versatility. Awnings on your house provide UV protection, keeping interiors cooler and reducing energy usage. Strategic placement creates shade for patios, decks, porches, windows, and doors, depending on where you need an awning most.

Retractable Awnings vs Other Patio Covers

Retractable awnings have some great advantages over other types of patio covers or shade structures. Unlike permanently fixed covers like roofs, motorized retractable awnings can open and close on demand, providing shade when you want it and sun when you don't. This flexibility allows you to fully customize and control your outdoor environment.

Complete Outdoor Shade Solutions in Dallas

At SPF Screens & Awnings, awnings are only one of our shade products. We also offer solar screens, bug screens, privacy screens and more. Our complete solutions allow you to customize the amount of shade you get on any outdoor space. Our screens are easy to roll down, and you can retract them when not in use.

All our screens feature durable construction for long-lasting quality and performance. They perfectly complement our retractable awnings, providing you with maximum comfort all year long.

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If you're located in Dallas, Fort-Worth, or somewhere else in North Texas, we can help! When you get a motorized retractable awning from SPF Screens & Awnings, we’ll install our high-quality product for you and provide an industry-leading warranty to ensure your satisfaction. Check out some of our reviews from past clients about their awnings and service here.

Our family-owned and operated company is happy to answer any questions you have about our process or products. If you have any questions, we're just a phone call away.

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