Retractable Screens Lakeland

The hot sun, pesky mosquitoes, and light rain can make it challenging to enjoy Lakeland patios, porches, or balconies. Sun Protection of Florida has many motorized sun shade products available that will help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays so you can enjoy more of the beautiful outdoors that Florida has to offer. Contact us today to get started.

Benefits of a Lakeland Motorized Retractable Solar Screen

When you choose to purchase an SPF retractable patio shade for your home, you instantly receive a barrier between you and the sun, bugs, and light rain. You have various options to choose from, and our team is ready to help you.

Keeps Balcony Cooler

An SPF retractable motorized balcony screen provides a beautiful barrier between you and the sun, keeping your patio, porch, or balcony degrees cooler. We use Sunbrella fabrics that are tough against the sun yet offer you a beautiful style that blends nicely with your home.

Insects Stay Out

Nothing is more annoying than trying to relax outside with pesky mosquitoes and insects constantly nagging you. A retracting bug screen creates a boundary between you and the outdoors, so the insects don’t come in.

Patio Furnishings are Protected

Protect your patio furniture and decor from fading and damage from the sun and weather. An SPF retractable solar shade will give your furnishings longevity and a dry place to sit!

Harmful UV Rays Blocked

Our motorized retractable solar screens for your patio or lanai will block out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. This feature will allow you to enjoy your outdoor patio for more extended periods without worrying about too much exposure to the sun.

Improves Privacy

Relax in your backyard, balcony, or garage without anyone seeing what you are doing. Comfort and privacy while keeping out the bugs. We make SPF retractable privacy screens from our tightest mesh fabric that keeps the sun out but allows air circulation.

Home Value Increases

Future potential buyers will appreciate the investment you made to have a retractable patio or porch solar screens installed. The motorized privacy screens add attractive style and functionality to your home.

Features of Retractable Rolling Insect Screens Lakeland

At Sun Protection of Florida, we have designed our motorized retracting solar screens with Florida homes in mind. We understand that Lakeland residents need reliable shelter for those unbearably hot days.

Full Encased Hood & Housing

The hood and housing store the motorized awning and are available in several color options to match the exterior of your home, so your retractable porch screen is discreet when not in use.

Quality Parts

Sun Protection of Florida uses USA-made, quality parts for each of our motorized awnings and electric retractable screens.

Simple to Use

It does not get any easier than pressing a button, and the motorized insect screen will roll down. Our quiet yet heavy-duty motor will do all the work for you, so no need to get out of your seat.

Peace of Mind Purchase

When you purchase with Sun Protection of Florida, you can be confident that since you are shopping with a locally operated and family-owned business, we are giving you the best pricing on the market. We offer line-by-line price matching and stand behind our product with a ten-year warranty on the fabric and a five-year warranty on the mechanical parts.

Satisfied Florida Customers

We are thankful for our valued customer base in the Florida market and would love for you to see what they have to say about their installed retractable deck awnings.

Lakeland, FL Types of Motorized Retractable Solar Screens

Sun Protection of Florida has a variety of patio retracting shade systems that will give you an instant blocking of the sun, insects, and light rain. Whether you need protection for your balcony, garage, lanai, or inside your home, see what rolling shade screens are available. Reach out to our team, and we will be happy to help you decide the best option for your home.

Privacy Roll Down Screens

SPF has motorized retractable privacy screens for your pool or patio that instantly roll down at just the push of a button. Comfort and privacy in our homes are something that we all desire, and we have the solution to give you both.

Garage Bug Screens

Garages have become more than a space to park your vehicles. People utilize their garage space for working out, tinkering on lawn equipment, storing, and spending time on their hobbies. Insects can make it challenging to accomplish these tasks, but with our motorized bug screens that allow air to flow, you to see out, and others do not see inside.

Installation of Your Motorized Privacy Patio Screen

Shopping for shade protection for your deck, garage, or lanai should not be a complex process, and we have a straightforward approach that allows you to shop with ease and satisfaction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started.

Free Quote on Multiple Products

Our sales team is ready to get you a quote on one of our retracting solar shades for your garage, patio, or interior windows. They will gather the information needed to offer you the best pricing on one or more motorized patio screens.

Design Your Retractable Lakeland Patio Screen

We are happy to offer the services of our talented design team, who will assist you with the process of picking out the color and style of your retracting sunshade.

Installation Done by SPF

When installation day arrives, our in-house install team will set up your new motorized shade screen, and you can enjoy it right away. We never use contractors to do our work, and you can have peace of mind that someone from our team is doing the job.

Points to Consider When Shopping for a Retractable Lanai Screen Lakeland

As you begin shopping for motorized shade options for your home, you will want to think through some points listed below. Our professional team will be happy to help you with any of these factors.

  • Florida Weather

    The weather in Florida can change quickly, and having a motorized retractable solar screen allows you to provide protection and shelter with a moment's notice.

  • Where the Motorized Screen Will Go

    Think through your home and the areas where you desire more shade or protection against pesky mosquitoes. Since we have multiple products that can accommodate you and your needs, we would love to help you consider the outdoor and indoor locations where we can help.

  • Pair Your Retractable Privacy Screen with an SPF Motorized Awning

    At SPF, we truly have all your shade protection needs in mind. In addition to retracting shade screens and privacy shades, we offer motorized retractable awnings. These patio awnings provide coverage during inclement weather and give even more protection for your outdoor furniture. Check out your options here.

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