Retractable Awnings Cape Coral

Living along the Gulf Coast has its perks, but the scorching sun and pop-up precipitation can make it difficult to enjoy your lanai or porch. Sun Protection of Florida has the solution for your home that will add instant value and protection. A motorized retractable awning gives your home style and function at the same time. We offer an in-house design team that is happy to help you design all the elements needed to give your home a stylish upgrade.

Benefits of Cape Coral Retractable Awnings

There are many positive factors to adding a retractable roof awning to your home. Sun Protection of Florida has an abundance of durable Sunbrella fabric choices that will compliment your home and landscape. Motorized awnings are simple to use, and with just a push of a button, your screen rolls out and retracts. Here are just a few of the benefits a retractable awning offers.

  • Shelter from the sun
  • Protection from the rain
  • Preserve patio furniture
  • Limit debris from falling on deck

Sun Protection of Florida’s Price Match Guarantee

At SPF, we are happy to offer our customers our price match guarantee and the confidence that you are doing business with a locally-owned, family-based company with all parts made in the USA. We are confident that you will be satisfied when you choose SPF to design, manufacture and install your motorized awning. Plus, we offer a 10-year warranty that will provide you with peace of mind.

Cape Coral Motorized Awnings Features

SPF retractable awning system includes key assets that will ensure a positive experience. Our shelters are easy to use, simple to clean, and roll out and retract effortlessly. Below are some of the features that you can confidently expect from an SPF retractable shade awning.

  • Quiet motor
  • Wind sensors
  • Encased housing
  • LED Lights
  • Easy to use

How Motorized Awnings Work

A motorized retractable awning has telescoping arms that will either push or pull the awning in or out. A quiet motor will release the retractable roof to roll out when you press the button until it’s fully opened. Once you are ready to retract, the shelter will slide in at the push of a button and roll into the beautiful casing. We design the metal-encased housing to be discreet when not in use.

Manual Vs Motorized Retractable Awnings Cape Coral

A retractable awning is genuinely the way to go when choosing the best option for your home. A motorized awning gives you the freedom to open and close from the comfort of your seat at just the push of a button. A motorized awning requires you to move the canopy in and out physically. A manual shelter is more of an inconvenience than a motorized retractable awning.

The Sun Protection Cape Coral Awning Installation Process

At SPF, we train our installation team to respect your property, and we hold them to the highest standard. From the design to the installation, we treat our customers with respect and dignity.

Contact Us for Your Free Quote

We are happy to offer anyone interested in Sun Protection of Florida a free customized quote. Each home, and outdoor space is unique and we will customize your selection accordingly.

Choose Your Awning

Our in-house design team is ready to assist you with the process of choosing your high-quality fabric and designing your motorized patio roof to suit the needs of your space.

Have Your Awning Installed for You

Our highly trained installation team will take care of getting your awning up and running. On installation day, our team will show you just how easy the motorized awning is to use. We do not use contractors for this important job.

Advice for Choosing Your Retractable Awning in Cape Coral, Florida

There are some key factors to consider when choosing a motorized awning for your home. At SPF, we will walk you through each of these components as you determine the type of awning that will best fit your needs.

Decide Where You Want Your Cape Coral Awning

Contemplate your home and where you desire to have protection from the hot sun and shelter from the rain. You may have a few spaces you are considering for the retractable awning, and we can help you choose the best option. More than one awning is always an option if you have multiple areas of shelter.

Consider the Florida Weather

Heat, humidity, moisture, and pop-up storms are just a few of the elements that Cape Coral residents can experience. Protecting your patio furniture and staying cool under an awning will provide you with more time in the outdoor space you love.

Pick the Right Style of Awning for You

With an abundance of fabric choices and style options, we guarantee you will find the best style that goes with your home and landscape design.

Consider Incorporating a Motorized Retractable Screen

SPF offers accessories like a motorized solar screen that you can purchase. This retractable screen gives you additional sun protection on the sides and front of your motorized awning.

Motorized Sun Screens Cape Coral

Do you have space in your home or on your patio that could use some insect protection and sun blockage? SPF offers motorized retractable solar screens that block out harmful UV rays and keep the nasty mosquitoes on the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retractable Awnings Cape Coral