Tampa Motorized Retractable Screens

Do you want to keep bugs out of your house? And prevent the sun from heating up your house and deck or backyard? You can do that by using a retractable roll screen. These screens roll out smoothly and seal tightly.

Not only do they keep bugs out, but they also shade your home from the heat rays of Tampa!

Our Line of Roll Screens Tampa

Roll Up Privacy Screens

One of our most popular items is the roll up privacy screen. It's great for pools and porches, or any place you want to have some extra privacy while still enjoying the outdoors. The screen rolls up when it's not in use.

Lanai Screens

Lanai screens are great for patios, decks and pool areas. They are attractive, easy to use and made with a coated woven material that can withstand Tampa's sun!

They're easy to roll up and down with a remote control and are available in different colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Recessed Retractable Screens

Recessed retractable screens create a comfortable outdoor space on your patio, porch, or pool. They offer raised UV protection, shade from the sun’s intense rays and are hidden seamlessly, with a push of a button when not in use.

Garage Door Bug Screens

Retractable garage door screens (or roll up insect screens) will keep out the most persistent bugs, including mosquitoes, and they are easy to keep clean!

Our motorized bug screen will roll up effortlessly into its own housing that is flush with your garage door or window frame so it stays out of sight when not needed.

Benefits of Tampa, FL Motorized Retractable Screens

  • Limit sun exposure and protect yourself against harmful UV rays.
  • Keep annoying insects out of your home or patio.
  • Complete privacy for your home, patio, or pool area.
  • Adds value to your home and makes your space even more appealing!

Our Price Match

At SPF Screens & Awnings, we offer excellent prices and unparalleled customer service. Our local, family-owned manufacturing helps you save money, while our fast installation process cuts back on costs from the moment you select your design preferences! We also offer an apples-to-apples price match guarantee so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best price.

SPF's high rates of customer satisfaction are due to the company's competitive prices, our high-quality products, and friendly service.

Features of Motorized Roll Screens Tampa, FL

  • Leading Track Technology- Our motors are quiet so that they won't disrupt the tranquility of your in-home living space like other screens do.
  • Encased Hood and Housing- The retractable screen is hidden when not in use with a stylish, matching enclosure.
  • Remote Controlled Technology- A handy remote control allows you to raise and lower your retractable screens with ease at the press of one button! You'll love being able to simply manage the look and privacy of your home.
  • In House Installation - We guarantee high-quality work with fast, clean installations and manufacturer's warranty.

How Do Motorized Roll Screens Work?

Operating a motorized roll screen is easy: just click the button to open or close it. Accessible to anyone of any age, it's simpler than any other window or screen automation on the market.

Our systems are made from high-quality materials for lasting results.

Motorized Sun Shades Tampa

Motorized sun shades are a better option than manual shades because they are more convenient and easier to use. The screens roll up with a remote control, so you will never struggle again to open or close your existing manual shades.

Installing Motorized Sun Shades Tampa Florida

The motorized screen installation process can be daunting. At SPF Screens & Awnings, we make it easy to transform your living space by taking care of everything for you in Tampa, FL. We'll help you choose the perfect screen for solar protection, insect protection, and more for a shady, bug free space.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

The first step is to contact SPF for a free consultation. Our friendly team will answer all your questions over the phone before presenting you with a free estimate.

As a family owned company, we offer personal attention and expert service for every customer in Tampa.

Choosing Your Motorized Retractable Screen

If you need help choosing the right screening for your home, we can give you guidance so that it matches your style.

When you are ready to install a residential sun screen, let us know and we'll set up an installation time for you.

How to Choose a Solar Screen in Tampa

Choosing solar screens in Tampa isn't as difficult as it sounds. There are a few features that you'll want to keep an eye on before making your decision. We've outlined these considerations below, and we hope this helps!

If you are looking for a way to keep sun and UV rays out of your home, motorized solar screens can be a great option.

Where Should Your Retractable Screen Go?

Before your screen is installed, you'll need to designate the space for it.

What will you use your retractable screen for? Will it be used for security, privacy or shade? Do you want a motorized awning to accompany your shades? When choosing the best place for your motorized sun screen, these are a few things to consider.

Consider Its Exposure to Weather

Our retractable screens are made with the highest quality fabrics to withstand all the elements, however, it is still important to consider the weather that your motorized screen may encounter when choosing one.

Match Your Screen to Your Home or Awning

If you have a porch or home with a specific style, you want to make sure that the screen matches it. Our team will assist you in customizing your screens to your needs and style of home.

Our motorized porch screens can be designed to match existing colors, giving you custom-designed results instead of something that looks like an add-on.

Retractable Awnings in Tampa Florida

To top off your outdoor privacy screen, consider adding a retractable porch awning.

A retractable awning can keep your home shaded and cool, without you having to worry about getting overheated by the sun.

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