Retractable Awnings Orlando

Living in Orlando, Florida has many perks and benefits. Most sunshine state residents have flocked to the south for its warmth and plethora of long, sunny days. At certain times of the year, however, the sun can be scorching hot and unbearable. Many Floridians have opted to invest in a motorized retractable awning for their patio that offers protection from the hot sun and pop-up thunderstorms. Book your appointment today so you can do the same!

The Benefits of Installing an Orlando Retractable Awning

The positives of a motorized retractable awning for your deck make it an excellent addition to your home. At Sun Protection of Florida, we have a vast selection of Sunbrella fabrics that will add instant style to the exterior of your home and yard as well as protection for many years to come. The opportunity to spend more time outside while protected from the hot sun is just one of the many benefits.

Patio furniture and decor will last longer because we have partnered with Sunbrella fabrics. Our fabrics block 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will prevent the material on the retractable awning and anything under it from fading.

Protection from the Sun

Putting a barrier between you and your loved ones and the sun’s harmful UV rays is a wise choice. You are protecting yourself from the destructive effects of UV exposure. Enjoy the beautiful Orlando outdoors without the extreme temperatures keeping you indoors.

Protection from Wet Weather

It’s common for the sun to be shining one minute, then moments later, a storm can be rolling in. A retractable rolling awning can give you protection from the rain in just minutes. SPF motorized awnings can provide coverage for a drizzle.

Patio Furniture Lasts Longer

One of the unfortunate results of the sun’s UV rays is your patio furniture and accessories will start to fade and lose their original color. A motorized patio awning will limit how quickly your outdoor patio furniture will fade.

How Orlando, FL Motorized Awnings Work

Providing shade for your pool, deck, patio, or lanai has never been easier. Retractable awnings have come a long way, and SPF Orlando has the shade solution you are seeking for your home.

A retractable awning Orlando has telescoping arms that push or pull the awning in or out. A quiet motor will release the motorized canvas to roll out when you press the button until it’s fully opened. Once you are ready to retract, the shelter will slide in and roll into the beautiful casing. We design the metal-encased housing to be discreet when not in use.

Features of Orlando Retractable Awnings for Patio, Pool, Deck, and More

We are proud to use only parts of the highest quality to make all our sun protection products. These parts are high-quality and made to last you for many years to come. One of the benefits of a motorized retractable patio awning is our wind sensors. These sensors will roll your canvas roof in when it senses that the wind is too high, giving you peace of mind if you’re not home and a storm comes rolling through. The small yet powerful motor will effortlessly roll in and out your motorized awning without making hardly a sound. 

Quiet and Powerful Motor

All SPF retractable awnings come equipped with quiet and durable motors. These powerful motors will roll out and retract the canvas roof at the push of a button.

Wind Sensors

Opting for the wind sensor would be a wise choice for those who live in an area prone to wind. If a storm should come along and you are not home, the motorized wind sensor will retract the awning.

Encased Housing

When your motorized awning is not in use, the encased housing holds the rolled back ceiling in a discreet aluminum casing. We offer these housings in four colors to match the exterior of your home.

Style and Color Options

At Sun Protection of Florida, we feature Sunbrella fabrics that offer many colors and styles that will suit your home’s style, landscape, and design.

Retractable Motorized Awning Orlando vs a Manual Roll Out Awning

There are many more advantages to investing in a retractable roof when choosing between a motorized awning and a manual roll-out roof. An SPF motorized awning allows you to control the retractable patio protection from the comfort of your seat by using a remote control. A manual roof requires you to roll out the canvas manually.

Manual Retractable Awnings 

A manual awning requires a bit more work when you are ready for a shade over your patio or pool area. You will need to roll out the canvas roof physically, and when you are done using it, you will again need to move it back to a closed position.  

Motorized Retractable Awnings Orlando, FL

Just push a button when you are ready, and your retracting patio roof will roll out with ease. You do not need to get out of your seat. SPF Orlando motorized awnings come equipped with wind sensors, so if you forget to retract the canopy, the sensors will do it for you.

Our Simple Process to Get You Started

We have developed an uncomplicated process that allows you to shop for an Orlando retractable motorized awning with ease of mind. The moment you contact us for information, we focus on giving you the best experience possible.

Get a Quote for Your Orlando Awning

Anyone interested in receiving a free quote for a retractable awning should reach out to us. Our sales team will measure the space and gather other information to give you an accurate estimate.

Select Style and Color

At SPF, we have an in-house design team ready to assist you with the important task of choosing the right color and style of a retractable awning. Sunbrella has endless options available.

Your Awning is Installed

On installation day, we send our team of installers to get your new motorized retractable patio awning set up. We do not hire contractors, so you can have confidence that anyone who comes to your door is directly affiliated with Sun Protection of Florida.

Purchase with Peace of Mind

When you choose to do business with SPF, you can rest assured that we offer peace of mind. We confidently provide a ten-year warranty on the fabrics of our motorized rolling roof and a five-year warranty on the mechanic of the retractable awning. As you are shopping around for your investment and happen to find a company offering a lower price than SPF, we will be happy to give a line-by-line price match. See what some of our satisfied customers have to say about SPF retractable awning for their Florida patio.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Your Orlando, FL Motorized Awning

When you are contemplating a purchase of a retractable shade awning, there are some points you will want to consider. Part of our service is to help you look at some of these as part of the selection process.

  • Decide Where You Want Shade

    Do you have a deck, patio, or lanai that you would like to enjoy more, but the hot sun makes it impossible? Our team will give you your options if you have multiple areas you are considering One of your outdoor areas would be a great place to start the process of shopping for a retractable shade roof.

  • Consider the Weather in Orlando

    If you have lived in Florida for any time, you know how finicky the weather can be. Having protection from the elements is essential for enjoying any amount of time on your patio.

  • Choose the Right Style for Your Orlando Florida Home

    Sun Protection of Florida is a locally operated and family-owned business, so we have designed and developed our motorized retractable patio awnings with the style of Florida homes in mind.

  • Select an Awning that Matches Your Home, Patio, or Yard

    Take a look at your landscape, the color of your house, and the style of your patio. These are all factors to consider when choosing the type of motorized awning for your home. Sunbrella has a variety of colors and designs available, and we are confident that you will find the perfect match.

Steps to Install Retractable Awning Orlando

We believe that shopping for a motorized retractable lanai awning should not be a complicated process. At SPF, we have developed simple, stress-free steps to help make your experience a positive one.  

Contact Us for Your Free Florida Awning Estimate

We are happy to offer a free customized quote for anyone interested in learning more about SPF products. Our sales team is ready to assist you with identifying the best option for an Orlando motorized awning. 

Select the Best Retractable Awning 

Depending on the style of your home, how many awnings you need, and your desired outcome will determine the best option to give you complete satisfaction. Our in-house design team is excited to help you through this creative process. 

Let Us Install Your Awning for You

Once you’ve selected to perfect awning for your home, our installation team will do all the work in getting your retractable roof installed and ready for daily use. We always use our own SPF staff to install, so you can expect that we are sending our best team.  

Retractable Motorized Solar Screens Orlando

Sun Protection of Florida has more to offer our customers than motorized retracting lanai roofs. For ultimate sun blocking and climate control, we have retractable rolling solar screens Orlando, motorized garage bug screens, retracting privacy screens, and more. Each of these screens has similar features and benefits as our retractable awnings and comes with the same peace of mind warranty. When you pair our motorized shade products together, you are protecting yourself and your furnishings inside and outside your home.

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