Motorized Roll Screens Fort Myers

Living in Fort Myers, Fl, means that you will have to deal with the hot sun, insects, and mosquitoes daily. When you enjoy spending your time outdoors with friends and family, these factors can chase your party indoors. SPF Screens & Awnings offers a variety of products that will allow you to stay outdoors and entertain longer.

Our roll down retractable shade screens are manufactured right here in Florida, and we design with the homes’ style in mind. With a motorized solar screen, the screened-in porch, lanai, balcony, or even the garage will have protection from the elements and bugs as well as offer great style to your home.

Motorized Roll Screens Fort Myers

When you have a motorized retractable shade screen installed, your home will increase in value instantly. If you’re seeking protection from the sun and nasty insects, you will be pleased with your new addition. Each motorized patio screen comes equipped with Somfy motors that are quiet and easily controlled with a push of a button. Below are a few of the beneficial features that come with all our retractable solar shades.

  • Protects your patio furniture from light rain and fading from the sun
  • Keeps out unwanted insects and mosquitoes
  • Provides privacy for your family to relax in a comfortable setting
  • Wind sensors that automatically retract the screen when high winds are detected
  • he screen’s housing comes in multiple colors to best match the home

Types of Retractable Screens Available

SPF Screens & Awnings offers various types of motorized protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You may want to pair a few of our solar screens to achieve ultimate protection from weather and bugs and add privacy. We are happy to provide a free estimate to determine the best options for your home.

Privacy Screens

You can have as much privacy as you desire with our mesh privacy screens. With multiple color options, the possibilities are endless to give your family seclusion from prying eyes.

Balcony Screens in Ft Myers, FL

When the time comes to relax on your balcony or porch, nothing is more frustrating than the hot sun or bugs invading your space. At SPF, we offer balcony screens that are made specifically to accommodate Florida apartments and condos.

Garage Bug Screens

A lot of homeowners use their garage for more than parking their cars. Small projects, storage, and working on lawn equipment are just some of the things people like to do in their garage. At just the push of a button, our garage mosquito screens keep out unwanted bugs and sun glare.

Lanai Screens

Lanai privacy screens offer you and your family 97% protection against the sun’s harmful rays. You can choose from a variety of mesh to allow as little or as much ventilation you select. Included are retention zippers to connect the screen to the track that ensures bugs stay out.

How to Operate a Motorized Solar Screen in Fort Myers, Florida

To roll down the motorized screen, push a button from the comfort of your seat. There is no need to stand up and manually move down the screen. The quiet motor will do all the work for you.

Installation Process for Retractable Privacy Screens in Fort Myers

At SPF, we streamline the process from start to finish, so it is simple and stress-free for you. We come alongside you every step of the way so you can make your decisions quickly and easily.

Contact us

We are pleased to offer free customized quotes for anyone interested in a motorized retractable bug screen or outdoor privacy patio screen. Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you.

Pick Your Roll Screen Design

Our in-house design team is ready to work together with you in the design process of choosing the best privacy screen for your home. We offer a variety of colors and fabrics to best suit your needs.

Decide Location for the Retractable Solar Shade

Consider the areas of your home where you desire more sun protection, your balcony, porch, media room, or even the garage. Our design staff will help you process the design of your home, the purpose for the motorized screen, and desired outcome of the installation. SPF is happy to help you with more than one area of your home that needs addressing.

Relax and Enjoy Your Shaded Porch

Our installation team will take care of making your lanai or balcony one of your favorite spots in your home. We do not hire outside contractors to do the job, but someone from our team will install your new custom lanai privacy screen. The set-up time is not long, and before you know it, you will be sipping a tall glass of lemonade while sitting poolside in the shade.

Consider Installing a Retractable Awning with Your Ft. Myers Motorized Screen

At SPF, we offer more than just motorized retractable sun screens. We have retractable awnings that will transform your patio area into a retreat. When you pair our products, you get more use out of your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Retractable Motorized Screen vs. Manual Screen

With a motorized retractable screen, you can control when you want to retract or roll down your shade screen from the comfort of your seat. A manual screen requires you to use a pole or cord to move the screen up and down physically. Just press a button, and our heavy-duty yet quiet motor will do all the work for you.

SPF’s Price Match Guarantee

SPF is a locally owned and operated, family-owned business that offers competitive pricing. Because we manufacture in-house, we can keep costs low for our valued customers. We are proud to offer our price match guarantee if you should find a comparable product.

Care Tips for Your Retractable Shade Screen

SPF’s motorized insect screens are an easy investment to care for and maintain. To keep your screen looking new, clean the rolling screen with these simple steps a few times a year.

Use a Garden Hose

A garden hose or a bucket of water will rinse off soap and residue. It would be best not to use a power washer as it is too much pressure for the motorized screen. Power washers can do more harm than good.

Use Mild Detergent

Using a mild soap like Dawn or Ajax will remove dirt and stains. Other cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage and break apart the material of the solar screen.

Use a Soft-Bristled Brush

For hard-to-remove stains and marks, use a soft-bristled brush. Most likely, a damp cloth with a bit of soap will be all that is needed to clean your retractable patio screen.

Commonly Asked Questions About Fort Myers Retractable Screens