terri drenth

Terri Drenth

Administrative Team Manager

Terri comes to SPF with an extensive background in customer service. From owning her own pet sitting company to a shift supervisor for Starbucks she has always enjoyed the role of helping others and making their day. Coordinating schedules, troubleshooting problems, and helping with our marketing efforts are just a few hats she wears.  Terri loves to explore the mountains with her husband, garden, and cuddle with her dogs.

dylan dean

Dylan Dean

Sales Manager

Dylan is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Kinesiology where he found his passion for a career in sales. Dylan loves meeting new people on the job and hearing everyone’s stories as they are all so different and intriguing. When Dylan is not at work you can find him on the water at the sand bar or fishing with his best friends who happen to be installers for SPF!

haley simmons

Haley Simons

Head of Installation Coordination

Before working with Sun Protection of Florida, Haley Simons graduated from The University of Central Florida with a BS in Event Management and Hospitality. After spending a year in Nashville, Haley moved back home to be closer to family and friends where she then had the opportunity to join the SPF team. Haley is now the installation coordinator for the company where she strives to deliver product installation in a timely manner while keeping the 5-star customer experience.

dsc_laurenduffy (1) copy

Lauren Duffy 

Accounting Manager

Lauren Duffy was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Prior to working for SPF, she worked for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Hunter’s Creek for four years. Throughout those four years, Lauren worked her way up the company totem pole to eventually manage her own store. When she started becoming responsible for making big-picture decisions, she quickly realized she had a passion for accounting and all things numbers! Upon graduating from the University of Central Florida and making the move to Sarasota in May of 2021, the SPF team is fortunate to have Lauren join as the Accounting Manager for Sun Protection of Florida. Outside of work, Duffy loves to spend time with her family, best friends and sweet Pitbull, Calvin!

dscstephmena (1) copy

Stephanie Mena

Service Coordination Manager

Stephanie was born and raised in Bradenton and has worked in customer service since 2017. She loves walks on the beach and spending time with her fur babies. In Steph's words "It is an honor to be part of such an amazing team like SPF!"

dsccharlessindoni (1) copy

Charles Sindoni

Electrical Manager

Charles Sindoni is our Electrical Manager, who oversees the electrical side of the installations at SPF. His role is to facilitate all of our customer’s electrical needs throughout the installation process and manage all electrical sub-contractors. Charles hails from Boston, Massachusetts and has worked in the electrical field for 25 years, bringing his work hard mentality and customer service focus to SPF. Charles also spent 13 years owning and operating his family’s business, which first opened back in 1918.


Anna Youmans

Service & Install Coordinator

Anna Youmans is originally from West Palm Beach and has worked in customer service for almost 7 years. She is currently Administrative Support for Installation and Sales. Anna is proud to work for a company of hardworking family and friends.

dan howell

Daniel Howell

Warehouse Manager

Daniel joined the SPF family after over 20 years in the aluminum industry. His unique expertise of the industry brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the construction of our product housings, which are made largely out of aluminum due to its durability in hot, humid environments. In addition, his ability to manage and guide our bustling warehouse is bolstered by his experience raising and wrangling his large family of 6 active children, including 2 foster children. Between his expertise and his status as a bona fide family man, we are proud to call him an SPF team member.

bri daley

Bri Daley

Sales Administrative Assistant

At SPF, we love our homegrown talent! Bri grew up right in Bradenton, FL where SPF is headquartered. Her deep roots in the region give her unique insights into its people and needs, lending her sales approach an advantage. A recent graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, Bri majored in Sociology with a minor in Marketing. With years of customer service experience already under her belt, she utilizes her broad set of skills in our sales and marketing initiatives, with the goal of transitioning to Human Resources. When she’s not working her sales magic, she enjoys streaming shows and spending time with her fur babies, Olly and Ivy.